Friday, May 10, 2013

__ Cát-xtrô, Ô-hai-ồ, Bác Hồ __

          Bạn nghe đến Ồ-hai-ồ
Nơi gái phục dịch Cát-xtrô dâm dục
          Bạn có nghe từ âm vực?
Có người bị bắt nô dục Bác Hồ.

( May 9, 2013
-- Ariel Castro and accomplices in Ohio, USA, were arrested recently
for enslaving 3 women for a decade to satisfy their sexual perversion.

The discovery is a reflection of Uncle Ho Chi MInh's involvement in
enslaving secretly some women, one is well-known, for Uncle Ho's
sexual satisfaction.)

          You've heard of Ohio
Where women were Castro's sex slaves
          Have you heard from the graves?
Some were enslaved for Uncle Ho.

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