Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sex Slavery & Murder __

Sex Salvery & Murder __

Thứ Năm 2 tháng 4, 2009
Thursday, April 2, 2009 __

In March 2009, the sexual predator Josef Fritzl of Austria was convicted of imprisonment and sexual coercion on her daughter Elisabeth during 24 years in a hide-out, and of cover-up the death of one infant he had fathered with the daughter.

Elisabeth was firstly raped at age 11 and was permanently hidden in a sophisticated dungeon as a sex slave for her father when she turned 18, until her freedom 24 years later.

How could a fatherly figure commit such disgusting crimes on a woman without the public awareness for a quarter of a century?

If that question is on your mind, then you should have known another person who had similar criminal records.

His name is Ho Chi Minh.

Sounds familiar?

It sounds familiar because Ho Chi Minh was a well-known Communist leader of Vietnam in the 20th century. Ho Chi Minh was known to use deception to promote himself as "Vietnam’s fatherly figure" (cha già dân tộc). As the "nation’s fatherly figure," Ho Chi Minh could easily conceal from the public his double life.

Decades after his death, Ho Chi Minh’s double life was surfaced in the book “Dark Night Amidst Daytime” (Đêm Giữa Ban Ngày) by Vũ Thư Hiên who is still alive (2009) somewhere beyond the Vietnamese Communist control.

From this account, readers realize that Ho Chi Minh, with the assistance of his Communist accomplices, was hiding a woman by the name Nguyen Thi Xuan in a secret place as his sex slave. Two boys were born from this sex slavery without the public awareness until decades later.

For committing these unspeakable sex crimes, the two sexual predators, Josef Fritzl and Ho Chi Minh, were afraid of the public’s eyes that could expose their secret criminal lives. For having this kind of phobia, murdering could be on their minds to destroy all evidence when needed.

Josef Fritzl claims that he was a generous man for not killing his victim. However, he was later convicted of murder by negligence for not seeking medical help for a sick infant from his secret sexual act in the hideout, and burning the infant’s dead body in the same location to conceal the evidence of his crimes.

On the other hand, Ho Chi Minh during and after exploiting sexual pleasure on a secretly guarded woman for some years, had her raped and savagely killed by his Communist accomplices.

Ho Chi Minh’s involvement in this sex slavery and murder is well known by all Vietnamese who live outside of Vietnamese Communist control. Historians may wonder how many other unfortunate women were sexually enslaved and murdered by Ho Chi Minh and his Communist accomplices.

Meanwhile Ho Chi Minh’s Communist accomplices continue to mask his criminal records by portraying him as the nation’s greatest fatherly figure, and must be set as a role model with ethical values for 80 million Vietnamese to look up to.

Does it sound like a joke?

It is a blatant joke, but it has been a goal by the Vietnamese Communists who have monopoly in controlling information inside Vietnam.

Currently (2009), there are no freedom of speech and freedom of press for 80 million Vietnamese who live under the Communist oppressive control and their hypocrisy.

As long as this situation still exists, the disgusting criminal Ho Chi Minh is still the nation’s "fatherly figure", and there’s no justice on the crimes he committed.

The human world has convicted Josef Fritzl for his crimes of sex slavery and murder.

The human world and 80 million Vietnamese are waiting to see the day Ho Chi Minh and his Communist accomplices will be convicted for his and their crimes of sex slavery and murder, besides other crimes.


BeNC said...

Thanks for the video, dude.

I'd never know Ho Chi Minh was once a person like that if not for your video which propel me to do some research on it.

BeNC said...

Thanks for the video, dude.

I'd never know Ho Chi Minh was once a person like that if not for your video which propel me to do some research on it.

VNTuongLai said...

__Thank you, BeNC, for stopping by blog VNTuongLai, and for viewing my latest video "Sex Slavery & Murder."

There are still many painful truths uncovered. Sadly, many people don't have guts to speak up, or unfortunately they don't know how to.

I'm glad the internet technology, especially the blog technology, has provided us a good means to exchange information, especially information that may improve our understanding of the human world.

Next time you see the name Ho Chi Minh City on a Vietnam's map, you may want to "brag" with your friends about what you've learned from my video.

Have a great time.

Claire said...

Um... I'm not sying I dont believe you in any of this, quite the opposite actually but. You see, we're studying the Vietnam conflict in History right now and my teacher is rather pro-Ho so I was wondering what other sources besides from that book you mentioned claim Ho isn't as good as he is made out to be? Sick of the infatuated teacher but wouldnt dare take her on without being totally informed

VNTuongLai said...

Hi, Claire,

A video titled "Su That Ve Ho Chi Minh," or "The Truth About Ho Chi Minh" in English, has been released to the public (outside of Vietnam) recently (July-August 2009).

This video goes into details of many questionable facts about Ho Chi Minh. There are many valuable interviews of living witnesses and researchers who are willing to keep history a study of facts, not propaganda. (Some renowned [Western] researchers declined to appear in this video for fear of retaliation from the Vietnamese Communist Party.)

One of the interviewees in this video is Vu Thu Hien whom I mentioned in my video "Sex Slavery & Murder." He is a son of Vu Dinh Huynh who was a close associate (secretary) of Ho Chi Minh.

This video might be a great source of facts about Ho Chi Minh for you, provided that you can understand Vietnamese language. The video producers have promised to release an English version of this video in the near future for non-Vietnamese speakers.

I have a post of the release of this video in July 2009 ("Su That Ve Ho Chi Minh no ro tren mang"). You can follow the links in that post to explore yourself.

It is sad that many people around the world have wrong impressions about Ho Chi Minh. His image was promoted by himself and his Communist propaganda department.

Imagine one day all Vietnamese in Vietnam have the basic human rights to speak freely, to write freely, to learn freely, to act freely, then the Communist propaganda will be collapsed, and more truth about Ho Chi Minh will be revealed and discussed freely. Your pro-Ho teacher by then might regret about her illusion on this controversial character.

I wish you [and other visitors] a wonderful time, and a pride that our generation of blog writers will bring justification and peace to many people on Earth.

Chao (or Ciao in Italian)!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

VNTuongLai said...

__ Dear Anonymous, I'm gald to hear that my writing is getting better. If I could write to make living, I'm sure I would be far better than this level.

Thanks for stopping by, and for recommending my writing to other readers, if you've ever done that.

Anonymous said...

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