Wednesday, January 16, 2013

__ Đồng chí tốt, láng giềng tốt __

     " - Đồng chí tốt, láng giềng tốt "
Chúng dậy mi học càng dốt thêm ra
     Đã học đổ máu dân ta
Giờ đang bóp chết quê nhà Việt Nam.

(January 6, 2013 --
A dash in front of the content within double quotes is
an invention of Blog VNTuongLai to indicate
other meaning(s) [mostly controversial] of the content
from its common understanding.
In this case, what is the opposite of good ?)

     " - Good comrades, good neighbors"
They teach you well, dumber you get
     You learned to make bloodshed
Now choking dead our home Vietnam.

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