Sunday, March 22, 2009

Agent Orange__

Agent Orange__

Chủ nhật 22 tháng Ba 2009
Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Agent Orange" is known as a poison and was used during Vietnam War to clear the thick tropical vegetation where Communist forces were hiding to launch terrorism on the Republic of Vietnam (or South Vietnam). In plain language, "Agent Orange" was one of many weapons in war time to fight the Communist terrorists.

Imagine if some bandits frequently come to your village, kill your fellow villagers or your own family members, and plunder villagers’ properties; and the survived villagers consequently equip your village with clear vegetation and any means to deter the bandits from coming back to kill.

Is it wrong to defend your village?

Was it wrong for the South Vietnamese to defend themselves from the Communist killers?

Communist forces were willing to kill any South Vietnamese who was determined to defend South Vietnam. For being committed to murdering, Communists had surely expected any equivalent intensity from their victims.

Using "Agent Orange" to kill innocent people is totally wrong. Using "Agent Orange" to deter fanatic murderers from committing more murders is NOT wrong.

The Vietnamese Communists have been known as experts in doing terrorism and [deceptive] propaganda since their first establishment in 1930 in Vietnam.

Communists argue they are pursuing the "Agent Orange" issue as a sake of humanity. Gee, what do they know about the human world? The Vietnamese Communists don’t even respect the human rights of the Vietnamese people.

During wartime, the Communists, led by deceptive Ho Chi Minh, demanded their soldiers not to live a human life, with the slogan "Three Delays" (Ba Khoan): (1) Not having a lover, (2) if you have, then not getting married, (3) and if you did, then not having a baby. "Three Delays" was tailored to maintain a non-stop killing machinery.

What if you were a female Communist soldier and you couldn’t "delay" your humanistic normal desire, and you accidentally got pregnant? Well, you could be transferred back to the rear. Or, a big possibility, you could be tricked to take some mysterious substance to disappear your pregnancy, so you still could be helpful at the frontline. If this possibility happened to you, then don’t expect to have any normal pregnancy later in your life.

Several persons, on the aggression side, have been advised to claim their abnormal pregnancies were the results of "Agent Orange." Well, can we totally believe all these explanations while information of any kind within current Vietnam is controlled by the Communist apparatus?

When dealing with the Vietnamese Communists, remember this: "The Vietnamese Communists are experts in doing terrorism and [deceptive] propaganda."

Therefore, don’t be naive with the Vietnamese Communists; or should we call them: "Agent Red"?

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